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As a Christian and a Mom, keeping Christ at the center of our home is a daily goal of mine. Life brings with it heartache, disappointment, and hustling from here to there, but I want our home to always be a safe place where my boys feel loved and can learn the love of God. 

Turns out, there are some pretty amazing resources right at our fingertips to help make that happen. 

1. Alexa

“Alexa, play Children’s Christian Music,” is how we start pretty much every day around our house. Did you know that if you are an Amazon Prime member – and these days, what Mom isn’t – you have Prime Music at no extra charge? With over 2 million songs and more than 2,000 playlists and stations, you can find a playlist for every occasion, including every day, around-the-house grind. Best of all, it’s all ad-free, you get unlimited skips, and you can even do offline playback of your favorite playlists. 

Don’t have Alexa? If you have a smart TV, ROKU, or something similar, you can download the Amazon Music App and play from the TV. Speaking of apps, be sure to download the app on your phone so you can stream from the car and everywhere. 

Yes, we have a lot of screen-time in our house. As a work-from-home mom, it’s inevitable. But, in the mornings, it’s always a goal to limit the screen time and just listen to music. There’s something about having worship music playing over the speakers all through the house that starts our day off on the right foot.

2. YouTube

There have been so many warning-stories about YouTube and what can be sneaked on to your kids’ favorite shows. With that being said, use your best judgment with YouTube. My husband and I have chosen to only use YouTube for a few select channels that we’ve screened and know are monitored and safe. One of those is the Integrity Music Kids Worship channel. 

Throwing it wayyyy back here, and stick with me through it. If you can look past the totally rad early 90s wardrobes, The Donut Man children’s worship videos are phenomenal. The Bible songs are catchy for the kids and not annoying for the parents; my son asks to listen to them constantly. The Bible lessons are easy to understand and keep even the squirmiest toddler’s attention. My two-year-old can even spell (and understand) O-B-E-Y thanks to one of The Donut Man’s songs! 

3. Print Pray Love

Locally owned by an OKC Mom, Print Pray Love is a new company that encourages and leads moms through how to pray specifically and intentionally for our children. Cami, the owner and writer of the prompts and worksheets, helps moms learn the power of consistency in their prayer life. Go subscribe so you’ll receive updates as more worksheets become available. 

There is also a daily prayer guide PDF to keep saved on your phone or stuck on your fridge. The Print Pray Love Instagram is also a great source for keeping prayer for your children towards the front of your mind. 

4. Curriculum

Looking for a new coloring book one day, I happened upon a Sunday School curriculum book that turned out to be a goldmine. You can find them at Christian book stores in the education section or Amazon even has some to choose from. These have proven to be useful and helpful because they offer coloring pages and corresponding Bible lessons that are short enough for even a toddler to listen to. The book I got even has fun crafts and activities with each lesson. We usually stick to one lesson a week, stringing out the coloring pages, activities and crafts throughout the week as I have time and my boys show interest. 


How about you? What are some ways that you have found help keep your home focused on God? 

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Oklahoma City has been home for me from day one. My husband Chris and I met at our church in OKC in 2013, and were married a year later. He works for the FAA, and I work my Real Estate and health and wellness businesses from my home-office. We have two boys under two years of age and our big fur-baby, Solomon. You’ll find lots of family time, DIY projects, cooking, a balanced lifestyle, and love in our SW OKC home.


    • LOL I’m just glad there’s someone else out there who knew who The Donut Man is! 🙂 I grew up on the videos and songs, so I know first-hand how helpful they are in life. Hope your kids love it!


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