Are “B”s Bad?


Are "B"s Bad?

It is that time of year again – report card time!

And I will tell you that we are praying that our oldest gets a “B” in Geometry. Yep, that’s right. A “B” would be awesome.  I know people who tell their kids that “B”s are bad.  So, ARE “B”s bad?  Am I not expecting enough out of my kids? I have a degree in education, I have taught, and I am the mom of four kids – so I know the answer. 

And the answer is that it all depends.

It all depends on the kid, on the subject, on the effort. All kids are different, all people are different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we had a great teacher in our past that really made something click or maybe we had a not so great teacher that left significant holes in our education. Some of us are right brained, some are left. It all depends on the kid and the subject and the effort.

Effort is where I really decide if a “B” is bad. If my child gives something their best effort, if he or she puts in the time and takes every opportunity to get extra credit then really that is all I ask for. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should set low expectations for our kids, I think being realistic is the key.  A parent at some point must realize that if they have helped their child study and watched the effort that we know what our kids are capable of.

So a “B” in Geometry is a great thing to this mom who looks at 8th grade math with wide clueless eyes and instantly remembers that big fat “F’ in college Algebra. Yes – a “B” would be great! Could my child get an “A” in Geometry? Yes probably, if her teacher was more engaged, if I hired a tutor, and if she spent more hours studying. But really, a “B” works for her and it works for me. As long as I don’t compare her to other kids and I don’t let what other moms say bother me – it is all good.

Now – if she gets a”B” in Art we will have a problem.


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