To the Angel I’ll Never Meet: A Letter From a Heartbroken Mother

Photo Credit: Brandon Burton Photography

In September of 2017 we learned that our IUI had been successful and that we were finally going to be parents. On October 11th we discovered that something might not be right, but we held on to hope that you were just developing at your own speed. 13 days later, we learned that you had passed and that our hope was gone. And, three weeks later we said our final goodbyes to you after learning that the pregnancy was making me ill and needed to be removed right away.

It wasn’t the ending we were hoping for and our hearts continue to break with every week that passes. You’ll never read this letter, but my hope is that it will somehow let you know just how loved you are by mommy and daddy. 

To our little peanut, 

It’s only been seven weeks since we said goodbye, but it feels like a lifetime ago. 

We had waited so long to see those two lines that told us you were on board. We were ecstatic when it finally happened, and we started planning our future with you. 

You seemed to be doing well and the doctors gave us no reason to be worried. We dreamed of who you would become, who you would look like, who you would take after. We prayed endlessly that this was finally going to be our rainbow baby. 

I relished in the exhaustion and the sickness, because I knew it was a good sign you were growing. 

 I wondered if you’d be mommy’s little boy or daddy’s little girl. I daydreamed about Saturday morning football games and ballet recitals. You were already so loved by so many people, but most especially by us.

We had two perfect weeks of baby bliss before our world came crashing down. The doctor told us you had no heartbeat but followed up with ‘it might be too soon’. Panic set in and we started to fret that we were losing you, too. I told you to stay strong and prove the doctors wrong. I begged God to let you stay. I begged my body to not put me through this again. 

Unfortunately, God had other plans for you and you were called home to Him on October 24th. It broke our hearts to know that you were no longer with us and that we would never get to hold you, kiss you, or talk to you. We know that you’re in a better place, but it doesn’t stop the grief. We picture you surrounded by your brother and sisters eternally happy and never knowing any pain or sorrow. 

Despite our short time together, you’ve left a permanent hole in my heart that can never be filled by anyone but you. You’ll always be in my thoughts and I’ll never stop dreaming about what could have been. 

‘I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” –Robert Munsch 



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Jess Graefe
I'm a wife, foster mama, dog lover, amateur chef, instagram fanatic, starbucks addict, nurse turned photographer. I grew up in the Northern Virginia area and moved to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma Christian University in 2008. I married my ruggedly-handsome high school sweetheart in 2014, started my own photography business in 2015, and opened our home for foster kiddos in 2016. I enjoy baking, loving on my fur babies, Thunder games, traveling, and date nights with my husband! I am so excited to share the ups and downs, highs and lows, heartbreaks and victories of foster parenting with you all. While we don’t yet have any permanent kiddos of our own, we are so blessed to be able to provide a home for children that need one and to talk about that process here.


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