An Open Letter to My MLM Friends


When you joined your company, I’m guessing you probably didn’t think, “I can’t wait to awkwardly message women I haven’t talked to in decades and make all my friends uncomfortable!” 

Instead, I know you joined your MLM because you saw an opportunity and a great product. I’m sure you knew of the risks and the downsides, but you decided to go for it anyway – and that is awesome!

I want you to know that I’m rooting for you. I respect your decision, and I think it’s so exciting for you! I truly hope that you are one of the few who finds success and changes your life, your family, and your future.

However, there’s something you need to know.

I want to support you. But that doesn’t mean I’ll buy from you. It doesn’t mean I’ll host a party, and it definitely doesn’t mean I’m going to join you. (Take a second to recover from the shock if you need to.)

Just because you’re my friend and you started selling something – buckle up – it doesn’t change my budget. It also doesn’t change my opinion of whatever product it is.

I might love the product. But remember, I love a lot of things I see in stores and I still don’t buy them. It has no reflection on you.

What does have a reflection on you is how you choose to sell your product. 

Let’s just face the facts.

The truth is that thousands of women before you have rubbed the MLM name in the dirt. Completely drowned it in feces, to be more accurate. I don’t think you’re going to find ONE of your friends who hasn’t been annoyed, offended, or even totally screwed over by an MLM or direct salesperson before. 

The other truth is that 99% of MLMers never make money. There are many legitimate companies out there, but a lot of your friends have probably been burned. Respect that.

Unfortunately, those are just the facts. But the great thing about MLM is that you don’t have a boss forcing you to do it a certain way. Therefore, I know that joining one doesn’t automatically make you an obnoxious, pushy salesman. In fact, I respect my friends who have an MLM and DON’T shove it down my throat so much more!

However, it is going to make a lot of your acquaintances skeptical. They’re going to feel hesitant to talk to you, like your business posts, and definitely about mentioning that they’re kind of interested in what you sell.

But I have news for (some of) you. The way that you handle that skepticism is by NOT shoving your business in everyone’s face. It’s NOT by shoving a catalog in someone’s face the second they ask a question or press the “like” button.

You Choose

If you choose to awkwardly message people you haven’t spoken to in 10+ years, then that’s your decision – but you need to accept that you’re viewing them as a potential sale and not as a person. And that you’re being pushy and obnoxious.

If you want to spend your time trying to convince someone to have a party, even though they are CLEARLY uncomfortable, that’s your choice. Just be aware that you’re never going to be successful this way. And have I mentioned that it’s pushy and obnoxious? 

We all know that you have monthly requirements and incentives, and we all hope you meet them! But let’s remember that those are your requirements that you agreed to, not ours. You won’t meet or exceed them by being… you guessed it! Pushy and obnoxious.

What Successful MLMers Do

In fact, I’ve noticed something from a few of my friends who are successful with an MLM. They don’t all do things the same way – some of them don’t post about their business much, and some do. Some of the products they sell really interest me, and some really don’t at all.

But not one of my actually successful friends has ever messaged me out of the blue saying, “Heyyyyyy girl! How have you been since we last talked in February 1998? Wanna buy some candles?” 

Seriously. None of them! Would you believe it’s possible to be successful without making everyone you know feel awkward?! (And being pushy and obnoxious)

Well, believe it, girl. Then, when it is time for me to buy some kid’s books or cleaning supplies or supplements, I’m going to be SO excited to be able to give you my business. I won’t feel awkward or scared about messaging you. It’s gonna be great.

A Note to the rest of us non-MLMers

Non-MLMers, we need to agree to this: your friends who have joined MLMs have not gone to the dark side, never to return. I mean, it is a possibility, but only time will tell. Most likely, they are just taking a risk and are excited about something. Let them be excited.

Stop attending Facebook parties, having parties, and joining groups that you know you’re never going to happily buy from. Just be HONEST and say no. This is so much better than being annoyed at the notifications and the follow-up questions!

Stop acting like it’s a crime for someone to join an MLM. Make your own choices, let others make theirs, and move on. 

Be kind to your MLM friends, and save your snarky responses for the pushy and obnoxious ones. ?


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