An Open Letter to My Middle Child


To my sweet and full-of-life middle child,

middle childI worry about all my children; I am a natural born worrier. However, there is one child I worry about the most, and that is you, my precious middle child. Are you happy? Are you getting enough attention? Am I doing a good enough job as your mother? Am I meeting all of your needs?

The minute your younger brother made his grand entrance into our family, you knew that your role in the family was changing. You did great when we first brought the baby home, you showered him with love. However, now that he is more mobile I notice that some days you give him hugs that are a little too tight, and your play with him becomes a little too aggressive as you struggle with this new emotion called jealousy.

I can see your frustration as you try to navigate your new position in the family. You are eager to be a big kid, yet you are hesitant to retire your position as the family baby.

I see you struggling to keep up with your big sister and her friends; not quite fast enough for tag and not quite stealthy enough for hide-and-go-seek. When we attend your sister’s games and events, I watch as you wait on the sidelines in eager anticipation to be the big kid who is able to run out there and play.

Middle ChildThen moments later, I observe your internal struggle as you yearn for your newly stolen and highly coveted position of “family baby”. I see you trying to reclaim your old baby equipment, which we’ve handed down to your new brother. You climb into the baby walker and then climb into the swing, putting the weight limit to the ultimate test.

I understand your struggle, and I am trying to give you extra special attention during this enormous transition. I am trying to cut you a little slack as you learn how to maneuver your way through your new place in our family. Your frustration is undeniable, but you bring something to our family that no one else can just by being you.

I hope you always remember the snuggles I give you at night while I tuck you in, and the times I tell you that God made you a special little boy. I hope you continue to adjust to being the middle child. I want you to thrive in your new position within our family. I hope someday you will understand that without you, the perfect fitting puzzle piece, our family wouldn’t be complete.

Most importantly, I hope you never feel like the forgotten or over-looked child, because to me you are one of a kind awesome.


Your Mama

*Originally published June, 2015


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