A New Kind of Emergency Room: ER Oklahoma


ER Oklahoma

If you have driven past 150th and Western, your eye might have been drawn to a new Emergency Room in town.  About a month ago, OU Medical Center opened ER Oklahoma.  It is a full service, freestanding emergency room.  It might be easily mistaken for an urgent care, but it is quite different.  They are open twenty-four hours a day, are staffed with doctors and nurses and have an ambulance bay for those emergencies that are more severe.

ER Oklahoma
The new freestanding Emergency Room on 150th and Western

When you walk in the front doors, you are first greeted by a friendly and helpful face.  You can sign in here in person, or electronically at the machines provided.  You will then notice a small grouping of chairs – that is the waiting room.  The goal at ER Oklahoma is to get you into a room so quickly that your time spent in the waiting room would be diminished considerably.  A nurse will be ready to evaluate your needs in the triage room and will quickly help determine where you will need to go to be treated.

ER Oklahoma
There are 11 rooms total. 1 trauma, 2 pediatric, and 8 regular.

There are eleven rooms total, one trauma, eight regular, and two pediatrics.  The pediatric rooms have been decorated with a section of fun wallpaper that is similar to a giant Where’s Waldo game.  And for those patients who are twelve and under, they will receive a stuffed giraffe to take home with them.  It’s the small details like these that help cultivate a friendly and helpful environment.

ER Oklahoma
One of the children’s rooms at the ER Oklahoma facility.

There is a radiology wing equipped with a CT Scanner and and X-Ray machine.  There is also a fully functioning lab, right down the hall.  By having all of these onsite, it eliminates the burden of going to multiple places to receive test results.  And in the event that you do need to be transferred to another hospital for inpatient care, you will have a direct transfer to OU Medical Center Edmond and The Children’s Hospital.

ER Oklahoma
The radiology wing is equipped to preform CT Scans and X-Rays as needed.

So the next time there is a major emergency in your family be sure and remember ER Oklahoma.  They will be sure to take care of you!

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