A Mom’s Low-Bar Christmas List


For several weeks now, relatives have been asking what I want for Christmas. Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything. Well, I could think of a few things…but the stuff I want can’t be bought at Target or shipped through Amazon. I think a lot of moms probably feel the same way I do, so I’ve compiled a list of things moms actually want for Christmas: 


A night not punctuated with returning toddlers to their own bed, shushing a teething baby, or promising a big kid that they can have their screens as soon as they wake up if they just leave you alone FOR THE LOVE sounds like a 10-day Hawaiian vacation to so many mamas. It’s me. I’m so many mamas. 

A Day Free of Decision-Making

Being the default parent means that you’re the one that knows which kid likes which sippy cup, when the baby ate last, and what day the kids need to dress like a storybook character. It also means you know the soccer schedule, the doctor appointments, and what to pack for lunch. If you’re wondering which one of you is the default parent in your home, chances are its the one with the uterus. I make so many decisions and plan so much of our lives that I would love to be a passenger in the car of decision-making. 

Just Love Each Other, Dang It!

Siblings fight. I know this. After all, I’m the youngest of three girls. We had many fights growing up so I knew my kids would argue from time to time. But holy moly I did not realize the ear-piercing agony sibling arguments caused for a mom until I became one. (Seriously makes me want to pay for any hearing-loss-related care my mother may need in the future!) If the tiny humans I birthed would just call a momentary cease-fire for 24 hours, I’d feel like I won the lottery! 

Binge Without Guilt

I just want to eat junk food and watch all of the items on my Netflix list without feeling guilty that the laundry isn’t done, the dishes are piled up in the sink, or that the things I’ve ingested don’t fit my macros. I want a Reese’s Tree in one hand and the remote in the other for 24 hours. I want to stream all seasons of The Crown and not Cocomelon, gosh darnit!

My Family Enjoys the Season

All kidding aside, I think most moms can agree that the greatest gift we can receive during this holiday season is spending time with our families and watching them enjoy themselves. Seeing the excitement on my kids’ faces when they open a present or marvel at Christmas decorations in a neighbor’s lawn can lift my spirits faster than anything else! Motherhood is exhausting and messy, but seeing those moments of pure joy coming from your babies makes it all worth it. 



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