A Letter to My Freshman Son


My youngest is starting high school this week. He is my biggest personality, my most sensitive heart, my wild child, and the one who, at times, I thought would cling to me FAR longer than any of his peers clung to their moms. As he heads into those hallowed halls to make his own mark on the world, here is what I wish I could tell him.

Dear Freshman son,

Welcome to High School! I know it’s double the size of any school you’ve attended so far, and I am sure that within the first month, at least half of the school will know who you are! Your incredible personality and ability to connect with people is unprecedented. Please use those powers for good, and make sure you are including the people who may be on the fringes. I know there have been times when you have been left out and hurt by that or hurt by things people have said. Don’t lose sight of that, and don’t allow the times that  happen in the future (because it will happen again) to harden you.

You are starting this year as a little fish in a big pond. Remember how this year, in all of its awkward, teenage glory feels, and make sure when you are the big fish, you are kind to the newcomers. Right now, you are growing into your arms and legs, you are about to get braces, and your hairstyle is one that you may look back on in a few years and laugh about! (Yes, I know everyone else has their hair curly and in their face too. But I speak from experience as a child of the 90’s bangs. It’s not always going to be “in”) Embrace the changes that will happen, and try not to compare yourself to anyone else. Literally every human in the world has an awkward phase at some point. You will live through it.

This is the first year that truly counts for your future. On the off chance that your YouTube career doesn’t go the way you think it will, please put those great brain cells to use and apply yourself. You can absolutely handle this work load, but it may take some discipline to focus and turn things in! Also, the teachers aren’t your enemies. They want you to succeed. So please stop talking long enough to let them teach you something, about their subject, about humanity, about life in general. They may become your biggest cheerleader, or they may be put in your path to teach you to learn to work with people who are challenging for you. Either way, please be respectful.

You are primed and ready for the fun parts of high school. I know you will love the pep assemblies, the football games, playing freshman football, sharing your snap with random people at the mall, and getting to know everyone. Your curiosity and enthusiasm will serve you well this year! So far, I am impressed and proud of you for the choices you have made in where you spend your time. Your ability to see the difference between the friends who really care about you and the friends who just want something from you will be a gift you use often in the next four years and beyond.

I can’t write this without mentioning girls at some point. I know you have had a couple of girlfriends now, and truthfully, I am impressed with how you treat them. Please continue to be respectful and kind, to everyone, but especially to the girls who come and go in your life. You may get your heart broken, or you may break a heart. Either way, please remember that at one point, you cared about them very much, and don’t give into the temptation to be rude or mean to them. It may feel good for a moment, but long term, you are going to be much happier if you remain true to yourself.

You have more grit, tenacity, and a bigger heart than anyone else I’ve ever met in my life. I love your joy, your enthusiasm, and your great big personality. At this age, I think that sometimes the very best parts of you are the parts you don’t want the world to see. I am here to tell you that the world desperately needs you. Keep showing up. Don’t hide the sensitive, caring side of you. Your love for Jesus is strong, and I love watching you grow in your relationship with him. Don’t hide that, either!

I am fiercely proud of you, my boy. The world is a great big place, in need of your skills. I am honored to have a front row seat for the next four years as you grow into the man you will become. Keep making good choices, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. You’ve got this!

I love you,

Blythe is an Arizona girl raising her kids in an Oklahoma world! At times I still feel the culture shock of being in a place where you have to specify UNSWEET tea when you order, and I will never get used to scheduling events around football. However, I do firmly believe that you won’t find nicer people anywhere in the world than in Oklahoma! I am a mama bear to an 18 year old girl and a 14 year old boy, who are the loves of my life. We live in Edmond, and I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for loving on moms and their kids! I love to read, write and go for long drives anywhere pretty. I have a great big laugh and if we meet, I will pretty much be sure you are my newest best friend.


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