7 Preschool Curriculums You Can Do at Home


As we all make the decisions we feel are best for our kids in this time of uncertainty and try to navigate these uncharted waters, here’s a list of 7 homeschool curriculums for preschoolers that will hopefully give you some direction! 

1. Busy Toddler’s Playing Preschool 

This is the curriculum I’ve chosen for my own preschooler! Susie Allison, creator of Busy Toddler, released her own homeschool curriculum geared towards young children. She focuses on play rather than sit down learning and incorporates a number of different activities into her 190 day program. The curriculum comes with a supply list for each week and allows plenty of room for you to add in your own favorite activities! She has also released a second playing preschool with an additional 190 days of play! The Busy Toddler Playing Preschool Years 1 and 2 are available at the Busy Toddler website. If you enter code HOME25 at checkout, you’ll receive a 25% discount. 

2. Sonlight 

This is a pricier option for homeschool but it does come with all the books needed for the year as well as a handful of supplies. Sonlight focuses on classic children’s books and incorporates games, activities, and songs to get your child learning in a fun and engaging way! Sonlight is currently running a sale on it’s preschool curriculum and can be found here.  

3. My Father’s World 

My Father’s World curriculum offers numerous options for all of your children! There’s a curriculum for preschooler-high school. Like Sonlight, the My Father’s World curriculum comes with all of the materials you will need to homeschool. The preschool lessons focus on letters and numbers, fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills.  Visit their website today to take advantage of their deeply discounted homeschool materials. 

4. Michelle Dillon’s Preschool Pack 

If you haven’t started following Michelle Dillon on Instagram, you should do that before you do anything else. In addition to all of her super fun activities, she created a year long, no prep curriculum for preschoolers! It’s fairly inexpensive and comes with everything you need for a year of fun learning with no added prep time for you. You will need to stock your own supplies like dot markers and pompoms but she does all the prep work for you! Check out her TPT website to see her preschool pack along with all of her other fun printables for kids! 

5. Prekwolfpack

So…this isn’t a written down curriculum but Katy over at Prekwolfpack on Instagram is a FANTASTIC resource for the parent who wants to handle all the prep work and enjoys getting creative. Katy is a preschool teacher in California who creates the most fun centers for her students and she lays it all out on her instagram account. She shares lots of how-tos and DIYs to make learning fun and engaging as well as sharing different themes she does in her classroom throughout the year. This would be a fantastic resource to combine with other programs like Busy Toddler or Michelle Dillon. 

6. The Peaceful Preschool

This curriculum is based off the Charlotte Mason/Montessori style of learning. It’s a gentle curriculum that lasts 26 weeks and focuses on a letter a week. There is a ton of flexibility in this curriculum and you could easily stretch it out to last for a full year instead of the 26 weeks. This is another fairly inexpensive curriculum that will help you help your little one prepare for traditional school. I don’t know about your families, but anything that has the potential to keep my house peaceful, even if it’s brief, is a winner in my book! 

7. Blossom and Root Early Years

This is another Montessori style learning program for young children that grows with them. The Blossom and Root Early Years curriculum has 2 volumes. Volume 1 is geared towards 2-4 year olds and Volume 2 is geared towards 4-5 year olds. This inexpensive Montessori style program could take you all the way to kindergarten! Everything in this curriculum is play-based so it won’t feel like you’re working on school all day long and your littles will love how engaging the activities are.

There is no wrong decision with any of these curriculums! No matter what route you’re choosing to take this fall, you’re doing an amazing job and we’re all going to be cleaning up paint and pompoms for the foreseeable future.

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