5 Whole 30 Hacks for Busy Moms


So you’ve done it. You’ve made the bold and terrifying choice to start a Whole30 journey, and maybe you’re freaking out a little. Been there. Done that. 

Whole30 is an awesome eating plan. It helps your body reset, lessens your cravings for all the junk you don’t really need, and makes you feel amazing. It isn’t an easy road, but that rockstar feeling you get on day 30 makes it all worth it. 

I’m sure by now you’ve done all your research, planned some tasty meals, and brainstormed how to overcome temptation. Another important part of the research step is to look at how you might feel. This calendar helped me a ton. When I was exhausted and angry, I looked at the day I was on (Day 5) and realized that it was totally normal. 

Having kids at home definitely makes the process a little tougher, here are some hacks I discovered throughout my three rounds of Whole30. 

  1. Stock up on disposable plates and forks. I care about the environment and reducing my waste, but the amount of dishes and cooking on Whole30 QUICKLY gets overwhelming. There are no sandwiches or bowls of cereal here, you’ll be cooking with knives and pots and pans for EVERY meal. Save yourself time and energy where you can. 
  2. Keep a bag of frozen nuggets in the freezer. My kids aren’t super picky, but like most kids, they like a nice bowl of spaghetti or a grilled cheese now and then. Unfortunately for them, when I’ve slaved over a Whole30 meal, I don’t feel like making something else too. Enter the nuggets. The kids still get all the awesome veggies with fun flavors, but instead of sampling the 4th version of pork chops I’ve made this week, they’re happily dipping their nuggets in non-compliant ketchup. 
  3. Lara bars are your new favorite thing. Get a box of every compliant Lara bar flavor you can find. They are pretty tasty, especially as your body starts getting used to less sugar and they are filling. Tired of eggs? Eat a Lara bar for breakfast. Starving after your lunch of vegetables? Snack on a Lara bar. Craving dessert? You guessed it: LARA BAR! 
  4. Spindrift is the best bridge between your daily Diet Coke and your new life. If you’re not a sparkling water fan now, you will NOT suddenly like LaCroix on Day 2 of your Whole30. Unsweet tea is great, water with cucumbers and fruit is fine, but you’re gonna miss the carbonated goodness of Coke. That’s where Spindrift comes in. You can find it at Target, Trader Joe’s and sometimes Costco. Buy it. When you’re in that depressed slump of hating all drinks, pop one open. 
  5. If you’re a salty snacker, Trader Joe’s has plantain chips and a compliant salsa that will literally carry you through this. (While you’re there, stock up on coconut oil, ghee, EVOO, frozen fruits and veggies, and Tahini. This is the cheapest place to get them!) Buy more than you think you’ll need because you might eat a whole bag in one sitting. 
  6. When you’re sick of cooking and literally can’t get off the couch to make one more meal, Chipotle and Zoe’s have you covered. Chipotle has a burrito bowl (some locations call it a salad bowl) that is compliant, and Zoe’s has several choices that are compliant! The Zoe’s menu even has a Whole30 symbol next to the items you can have. I still dream about their Mediterranean Chicken and potato salad when I’m not on Whole30. 

Whole30 Chipotle

You’ve got this! I’m not going to tell you it will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but on Day 30, the sense of pride and accomplishment you’ll feel will make chopping all those sweet potatoes SO INCREDIBLY worth it. I believe in you!


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