5 Ways We’re Making the Most of Our Second Pandemic Summer


With our high-risk kiddos still unable to be vaccinated, and restrictions being lifted pretty much everywhere, I’m preparing now for our second pandemic summer.

Since my three-year-old twins have taken to attempting to kill one another off, I am hoping to distract them with ALL OF THE THINGS and come out in August still having 3 children and maybe a little sanity left too! This is also our last summer before our kiddos officially start public school, so I want to try and fit in some quality time with our big kid before he’s off to school every day. Here are the things we have planned to get through the summer.

1. Read one book a week and preparing coordinating activities and crafts.

Let Pinterest do the work for you. There are so many posts of age-appropriate books with activities and crafts to do as you read. 

For example, the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar can be paired with all kinds of color sorting and counting activities. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is a favorite in our house and there are many sequencing activities to go with it. 

2. Visit a new park each week.

I know there are some hidden gems in Edmond and North OKC (and other places but that’s where I’m currently willing to explore.) I’m on a mission to find a park that’s not too crowded, where big kids don’t take over the toddler playground, plenty of shade, lots of seating, and a playground that entertains my advanced gross motor 6-year-old and my delayed gross motor 3-year-old. Does such a park exist?

3. Visit the Clydesdale horses in Yukon.

All 3 of my kids have expressed an interest in horses lately, so I thought a perfect socially distanced activity would be visiting the Clydesdale horses. You can choose from either a free 45 minute visit or a 30 – 60 minute guided tour. Book your visit or tour on their website www.expressclydsedales.com . 

4. Ice Cream Date Nights with Mom

Right now my plan is to rotate kids weekly in a secret attempt to be able to personally try all these new ice cream places that I’m too afraid to take all 3 kids to by myself. Since I will be missing out on all the overly air-conditioned indoor kid-friendly locations again this summer, really the only solution is ice cream. 

5. Lake Arcadia “Beach”

My 6-year-old has been begging to go to the beach, and while I’m pretty sure he means the Pacific Ocean beach, this little beach just 20 minutes away from our house will have to do for now! We plan to bring lots of snacks, sand toys, and spend a fun day playing together outside!

What would you add to our list?

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Hello, OKC! I am originally a native of Boulder, Colorado, where I lived for 18 years. I moved to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma Christian University where I met my husband, Garrett, on a blind date. We stayed in Edmond due to the extremely high cost of living in Colorado combined with the extremely high cost of student loans from attending a private university, and 9 years in to marriage, we are still here! We have 3 wonderful kiddos! Scott (4), Anna (2), & Rhett (2). We adopted Scott at birth, and had the twins with the help of fertility treatments and sperm donation. You can find us mostly at home in South Edmond, because taking 3 little kids out in public is no joke. My favorite things include cold weather, coffee, planning my kid's birthday parties 6 months in advance, and truffle mushroom pizza.


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