5 Ways to Help an Aging Parent Live Independently

We are partnering with Cox Communications to bring you this information about their Smart Home options to help you and/or your aging parents.

“Alexa, make my life easier.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?? As women and moms, we are constantly trying to find life hacks that can make the every day run smoother. We live in a technology world. Utilizing Alexa and other apps on our devices can help with grocery lists, reminders, and keep our kids busy with recurring jokes, chatter and music. 

Our children’s generation is growing up with technology and is learning quite fast. I mean, my three year old can navigate my iPhone better than I can. But what about our parents and elderly loved ones?

My parents live in Texas, so the option of me being around to help them when they get older is not realistic.  

What if my parents could live in their own home instead of moving to an assisted living facility as they age?

grandma in wheelchair at assisted living facility
My grandma and my mom. My mom works hard and dedicates a lot of her time trying to find good care for my grandma.

With Cox Communications upping their services to integrate the concept of a “smart home“, it sounds like this may be the way of the future. The majority of people have smart devices, so it’s easier now than ever to have connection with each other! Cox has recently equipped a home in OKC (The Reserves at Still Meadows) with a myriad of smart devices to show that the ability to have technology integrated into the home is “no longer a luxury, but a reality.” 

Smart home apps and devices.
Inside the Cox Smart Home. Set up devices like Amazon Echo and the WeMo Smart Slow Cooker to perform commands and more.

So what does this mean?

A smart home is basically a home that can utilize an internet connection to control devices and appliances. Cox Communications has developed a system to act as a command center for these devices that anyone can learn to use rather easily. Cox Homelife and other specialized services enable families to make their homes safe, comfortable, and efficient. 

Anyone can benefit from a smart home, but the aging population, like our parents or grandparents, can have their lives transformed by one. The connectivity of smart devices allow seniors to converse with health care professionals remotely, voice control devices in their home, and allow loved ones to easily check in on them from afar.

There are several ways a smart home can improve lives and help our loved ones keep their independence. 


Cox Homelife provides security monitoring which you can access while at home or away. If a window breaks, if there is a flood, unusual activity outside, if doors and windows are opened that isn’t you, then you’ll get a notification that alerts you! Seniors can also allow access to their loved ones so they can easily check on them.

Notifications from mobile devices
Notifications from the mobile apps can be sent to multiple family members who can be alerted of potential dangers.

Health Care

Cox has a medical alert system called Cox Homelife Care which can make those with medical conditions safer and more at ease. There is a hub that connects individuals with the professional care center which you can use to voice-call for emergency assistance. If you need more intense health care monitoring, you can contact a remote health care service such as Trapollo, who demonstrated how easy it can be to make a video call to your doctor if you know something isn’t right.

woman taking blood pressure
Smart Homes can bring healthcare conversations to your door. Trapollo sets up things like automatic video calls with your doctor if your daily blood pressure reading is abnormal.

Simplify Tasks

Everyday tasks like cooking, watching TV, pet care, and even vacuuming can be made significantly easier by implementing smart devices. By implementing existing technology by Amazon, you can easily re-order things you need without going shopping (Amazon Dash) and set up an Amazon Echo to adjust and control items around your house. Pet owners can use the Feed and Go Feeder to dispense dog food daily and check on your pets via webcam while you are away.

Robot dog and dog treat dispenser
CHiP the robot dog who learns your commands or use the Feed and Go Feeder if you already have a pet.

Quality of Life

Technology isn’t limited to accomplishing necessary tasks. There are also devices that enhance your quality of life by providing greater connection to the outside world and companionship within your home. Many people want pets but aren’t able to have them for whatever reason. What if you got CHiP, a robotic dog, or Joy for All Orange Tabby Cat? Enjoy all the perks of owning a dog, without worrying about bathroom breaks or feeding him. 

robot cat
Joy For All Orange Tabby Cat moves and purrs when you pet her.


As we all age, vitamins and daily pills become the norm. An automatic pill dispenser or smart pillbox reminder could really make the difference so it’s easy to remember to take them!

cofee mug, pill dispenser, and smart fork
This pill dispenser has an alarm to let you know when it is time to take your medication. The HAPIfork keeps track of how much a person is eating throughout the day so caregivers can check. And who doesn’t need a mug that keeps your coffee warm all day?!

With every turn, technology is there to make your life that much simpler. For me, these ideas help me have a peace of mind that when my parents may need a little assistance, this is just a phone call to Cox Communications to set up. These services are life changing and will help us all as we gracefully age! 

Hop on over to Cox Communications to find out how you can start automating you or your loved one’s home today.

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