5 Things That Happen When Mom Gets Sick



Oh how I hate cold and flu season! No matter how hard I try to stay healthy I still seem to catch everything my little ones bring home. While most of the time I can take something over the counter and power through, there are those occasions when this mama goes down. I remember the days before I had kids when I would take drowsy medicine, sleep like the dead, watch/sleep through mindless Bravo TV, and take a hot bath until I felt better. But moms, I now know when we get sick these 5 things are sure to happen:

 1. Our children will get offended if their dad (or anyone else) tries to help them with anything. 

So Dad didn’t catch the nasty bug, or at least not yet? Good for him, and lucky for us. He can help out right? Right?  Well, he could, but your toddler isn’t having it without a knockdown, drag out meltdown every time it is even suggested that daddy may fill a sippy cup, change a diaper, or dress someone. Sure he could do it. Sure we could all live through the melt downs. When you are sick, tired, and patience are short sometimes it’s easier just to do it yourself though.

2. The kitchen becomes bare. 

Have you ever been so sick that taking a shower wears you out? Well when you are that type of sick you know that a trip to the store is a like running a marathon. You may have food in the house, but it’s not everyone’s normal staples of snacks and fresh produce. You may get down to cans of soup and boxes of weird cereal. The last time this happened my 2 year old’s night time prayers included a plea for a carrot. I REPEAT, MY 2 YEAR OLD PRAYED FOR A CARROT!

3. The house goes to pot.

We become even more strategic about picking our battles. Exerting energy on forcing the kids to pick up after themselves may lose out. Laundry may get behind. You may tell yourself you’ll do the dishes the next time you get up. Even just a day of this can reek havoc on our poor homes. 

4. Sleep can be elusive. 

This goes without saying really. Sleep can be hard to come by even can when we aren’t sick. It’s just magnified when our bodies are aching so badly for a little extra sleep. Either the kids won’t go down for their nap times or bedtimes on schedule, or they wake you up as soon as you doze off.  Kids have a keen sixth sleep sense. THEY KNOW. They know when you are just. . .  about. . .  to drift . . . off. . .to sleep. . . .and then they totally lose their minds.

5. Pretty much everyone just loses their minds. 

I mean that really just sums it up.  The last time we were all sick it just stair stepped through my family. The kids had it first. They got better. Then I had it. So they were stir crazy, and I couldn’t keep up with them. I love my family more than anything. I’m not proud of it, but I locked myself in the bathroom to hide for bit.

So fellow moms, I wish you health and sanity this cold and flu season. If that doesn’t happen, I wish you a speedy recovery!



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