5 Simple Ways To Improve Positive Self Talk

Name three things you love about yourself,” the television show host asked her co-host. To my surprise, the co-host replied, “I can only think of one”. 
Listening to this conversation got me thinking, and I couldn’t help but ask myself the same question. I also struggled to come up with more than one measly thing. However, I know for a fact that if you asked me how many things I dislike about myself, the list would be infinitely long.

I realized in that moment how powerful that little voice in my head is. I have fallen in the vicious cycle of criticizing myself for the smallest things. I go through my day reminding myself of my failures and shortcomings. As soon as I’m out of bed I start criticizing my hair, my skin, and basically every inch of myself from head to toe. 

I do the same with my parenting skills, especially when I fall short. Not to mention how harshly I berate myself when school is hard and time is just not enough to have it all done. I often find myself saying “Can you really do this? Maybe you should quit!”

Why do I do that to myself? All of the horrible things I say to myself, I would never say about anyone else.

I had to stop!

To be honest it hasn’t been easy, but as soon as the nagging voice shows up I redirect my thoughts to the positive in my life. These are the things that have helped me so far:

1. I start the day by naming three things I love about myself

Back to what I said before, naming three things I love about myself was tough. The first day I came up with one, just one. Really? Yep! It’s okay, just keep practicing every day. I’m pretty sure you will rediscover more than three amazing things about yourself by the end of the week.

2. I focus more on the good in my life

I have been spending too much time in the chaos and putting energy into things I can’t fix. It’s so easy to forget the little moments in life that make it all worth it. Like the laughter of my children when we play together. 

3. I confront my fears

Oh boy! This was the hardest thing to work on. Why? Because fear can be paralyzing. Fear can stop you from achieving greatness. This is a big issue for me, I tend to doubt my capacity to do something every step of the way, no matter how big or tiny the decision is. I have to remember all the time that I’m capable and things will be okay. Which brings me to:

4. Positive affirmations are part of my daily routine

It might sound cliche and cheesy, but trust me, it works. I have lost count of the many times I have to remind myself that I’m capable while driving to take a test. Everyday I have to repeat that I’m good enough, deserving and worthy of the good in my life.  

5. I surround myself with positive, loving people

I have been in a place before where toxic friendships and family relationships used to bring me down.  I just can’t bring myself to be part of toxic relationships anymore. I realized that I need to be around people that help me be the best version of myself.

I would like to add a bonus tip. I have been praying more often. It has made such a big difference in the last few months. Especially when I feel like I have lost control of the situation. I just can’t explain the peace and comfort that praying gives me because I know that I’m not alone in this.


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