5 Reasons Why We’re Already Hooked On Disney+


I feel that every man, woman, child, dog AND creature under the sun is aware of Disney’s new video streaming service, Disney+… and we all about lost our minds. It made its big debut last week and hit over 10 million subscribers in just 24 hours.

Why Disney+ is a Must:

1. Your childhood can be relived 

But this time we get to see it in a new light. Some Disney movies, as a child, went a little over our little heads. We were more into the songs or the actions, not so much what the story was actually telling us or the morals that it was sharing. So when we’re re-watching movies with our children and we’re able to catch those, they mean a little bit more to us. Princess Jasmine showed us that pets are family too. The Lion King showed us that even when family is gone, they live on within us. Deep, right?

2. Old Movies AND Recent Releases!

Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, Toy Story 4 or Moana for the littles. BUT they also have the classics that we grew up on, like Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, and Lizzie McGuire. 

3. Nothing is R-rated

You can rest assured that Disney+ will keep it’s oath on remaining family-friendly! There are also many more parental controls that you can add to the child’s profile.

4. The price is right

Not only was I singing, “hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!” when I saw the $7 price tag – everything will be available to download. No fear of using too much data! That means on your 8-hour drive for Thanksgiving, you can open up Frozen and they can happily sing along. But don’t forget their headphones & charger!

5. The organization of each section is clear.

You want to watch Cars movies? There’s a category for that. Mickey Mouse through the years? Got it. The layout is exceptional and completely user friendly.

Have you jumped on the Disney+ bandwagon? What are you (or your kiddos) binging on right now?


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