4 Reasons Whole30 is Great For Moms


You may think Whole30 is restrictive, impossible, or just plain crazy. I mean, thirty days without cheese?! But, I am a huge fan, and if you give it a shot – you might be, too! I’ve been a fan of Whole30 since completing my first round in 2010, but since becoming a mom, Whole30 has even more benefit and appeal! The program is simple, family-oriented, and has a lasting positive effect.

Please note: I am not prescribing this diet to you nor am I saying that it is the best diet for every mom. It might not be right for you at this time or right for you at all, and that’s okay too! I passionately believe that nutrition plays an important role in our overall health and happiness and every mama has to find what works best for her.

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What Moms Should Know About Whole30:

1. There’s nothing to track.

There are guidelines, but it mostly comes down to eating real food. No calories to count. No points to assign. No ratios to meet. Ain’t no mama got time for all that! 

2. It’s something the whole family can enjoy.

There’s no special shakes or bars that only you can eat while you have to prepare something else for your family. All the foods on the Whole30 are safe and yummy for kids. My one-year-old eats all of the same meals and snacks as I do on Whole30! It’s a great way to incorporate more veggies in a kiddo’s diet. My husband actually enjoys zoodles and while he will never give up chocolate milk, and I would never ask him to, he is super supportive of meal-planning and eating fresh, real food in our house.

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3. It’s empowering and body positive.

The founder of the program speaks to loving and fueling your body, listening to and connecting with your body. She doesn’t shame anyone or insinuate that you’re only worth love (or chocolate) once you reach a goal weight. There are so many bloggers and Instagrammers to follow who also speak positive messages within the Whole30 community. The program is designed to help you confront your relationship with food, not to restrict you for the sake of restriction but in order to learn about what works BEST for your specific needs.

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4. It is designed to be sustainable.

The Whole30 program lasts 40 days, but the benefits are designed to last a lifetime. Whole30 helps categorize foods – these foods make me feel fantastic; these are neutral; these make me feel bad but they’re worth it once in a while; these foods make me feel terrible and I no longer wish to eat them. With this new information, you can make food-related decisions more easily, confidently say “no thank you” to not-worth-it foods, and avoid feeling bad physically and falling into guilt and negative self-talk.

You can make nutrition a positive relationship between you and food instead of a stressful one! Whole30 helps you develop a personalized menu that you actually look forward to eating because you know you will feel, think, and act your very best!

Whole30-inspired eating works for my family. What have you found that works for you? Share your health stories with me!


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