4 Fun Ideas for a Memorable Valentine’s Day with Kids


I grew up in a family that went big for every holiday, something I attribute to my mom. Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t usually think of Valentine’s Day as a kid oriented holiday; usually the kids are home with a sitter while mom and dad go out. This year, our plan is to forego doing much as a couple on the actual day, and spend the day focused on doing something memorable with our kids. 

Themed outfits are always a fun way to celebrate the holiday!

1. Start the day with a scavenger hunt.

The clues should be written on paper hearts, of course. The hunt could lead the kids to either a fun Valentine’s breakfast or a small gift. 

2. Make a fun themed meal.

My kids are still little so we aren’t rushing out the door for school in the morning, so breakfast is the perfect time to start the day off with a special meal. Our family’s go-to are heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes, with a generous serving of whipped cream and strawberries. If doing a themed breakfast isn’t going to fit into your morning routine, what about dinner?

Make your own heart-shaped pizzas are the perfect thing to have for Valentine’s Day dinner! My family always did a really fancy Valentine’s Day dinner when we were a little older. My dad would grill steaks while my mom made lobster tails, shrimp bisque, and baked potatoes. We always had chocolate fondue for dessert. Usually, my dad would get us some kind of small gift to open at the table once we were done with the meal. 

3. Find a fun activity to do during the day.

Search Pinterest for an age-appropriate craft or activity for your kiddos. You could make a cute handprint craft card for their grandparents, write a letter to someone at your local church or overseas, do a Valentine’s Day themed school activity, or even decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies. Growing up, my favorite activity to do on Valentine’s Day was to decorate cookies with my mom. We made the cookies look like the sweetheart candies you can buy and we wrote funny messages on them. 

4. End the day with a movie date with your kids.

Pop up some popcorn, get cozy on the couch, and watch A Charlie Brown Valentine.

Do you have any fun Valentine’s Day traditions in your family? Tell us about them!!

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