30 Days for Me – A Weight Loss Journey


Even before Beyonce coined the phrase, I was bootylicious.

I have always been on the curvy side, and at only 5 feet tall, an extra pound or two seems exaggerated on my body. I distinctly remember the first time I truly hated a scale. I was in flag corps in college, and the Friday before game day we had to weigh in. If you didn’t make weight, you couldn’t march in pregame. 28 years and 2 babies later I would kill to be the size I was at 18, but at that time, my weight wasn’t good enough. I missed two pregame shows and my parents were coming to see me perform for homecoming. I HAD to be on the field. So I starved myself to lose the weight. It worked. And right after the game, I ate. A lot. I told myself it was a reward for my hard work.

Like Pavlov’s dog, I learned very quickly that if there was something special happening (a vacation, girls trip, friend’s wedding) the only way to control my weight was to starve myself, and then “treat” myself. I lived that way for years.

Then, I had kids. My first pregnancy was quite a doozy, so I stress-ate and never really lost any baby weight.  I was pregnant again within 9 months (my hubby never complained about my curves), so I had baby weight on top of baby weight. Then, I was so focused on my family and career that losing weight just didn’t fit into the plan.  I did try a few diets here and there, but I always cheated.  I would sneak and eat forbidden foods in my car or at work, somehow thinking that it didn’t count since no one saw me.  

Then one day, a friend told me about a 30-day program that resets your body to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  She sent me a sample meal plan and I laughed!  I actually said out loud, ” There is no way in the world I could do this!” Doubt set in- What would the hubby and kids eat?  How will I manage going out for lunch or dinner? But I love soda!  But then another voice spoke.  What IF  you took 30 days and really did it?  No Big Gulps, no mozzarella sticks, no ice cream runs.  Maybe it could actually work.  Maybe?

So I decided to try it.  30 Days For Me.  Here’s how it went.

Week 1

So…I am going to keep it real.  Week 1 was the hardest for a number of reasons.  First, it was Week 1, so there’s that.  But, Week 1 was also the week I started a new job and had my birthday. I obviously was not on top of my planning game.  I wanted to give up.  I told myself, “Just start in another week or so when things calm down. Who is going to know?” But, I also know that postponing it another week would turn into two weeks, and then the weight loss would never happen.  Plus, I spent too much money on almond butter and non-dairy cheese shreds to turn back now! 

Week 2 

Week 2 was better.  I could see the fruits of my labor.  My clothes were a bit looser and I wasn’t starving.  This is the week that I slowly made minor replacements in our family meals.  Grilled instead of fried, fewer carbs, and heavy on the veggies.  I was thrilled when the men in my house didn’t revolt!

Week 3

This was the week that I really felt healthy.  I wasn’t lethargic anymore.  In the past, as soon as I felt a bit drowsy, I would grab a Coke for a caffeine rush that would only be short-lived.  

Week 4

I made it!  For 30 days I ate no dairy, no carbs, and no sugar.  I didn’t cheat or cut corners and it worked!  

While I did lose weight when I took 30 Days for Me, more importantly, I made myself a priority and stuck to a goal.   As mommas, sometimes we put ourselves on the back burner.  We may have the best intentions to have some “me time” but as soon as our schedules explode, we eliminate anything that was designated just for us.  So, I challenge you to find something that is just for you – maybe it is to read something other than a picture book, maybe it is to train for a 5K- whatever.  Carve out time for yourself to reach your goal, track your progress and celebrate your results. 

You will be glad you did.  

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Alicia Currin-Moore is a wife, mother, and a Director with The University of Oklahoma College of Law who lives in OKC with her husband, Cedric and their two kids, Mason and Myles. Alicia has spent 23 years in education and has worked in nearly every aspect of public education. She can't wait to kick off her stilettos and trade in her briefcase for tennis shoes and a duffle bag to chauffeur her boys to their many events. Alicia loves dates with her hubby, gardening, spending time with her family, and all things OU.


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