This Oklahoma Mom’s “30 Before 30”


Before the year comes to a close, I will not only be a year older, I’ll be in a new decade of life. My thirties are fast approaching!

During my twenties, I traveled, became a wife and a mom of two and started my own business. Thirty seems like a daunting number. To make the big birthday more enjoyable, I want to tackle this “30 Before 30” list of doable activities, all without straying too far from Oklahoma City.

My 30 Before 30 List:

  1. Attend a Thunder game as a fan. For the past nine NBA seasons, I’ve worked part-time as the Stage Manager for the broadcasts at the Thunder games. But I would love to watch a game as a fan and experience it all from that perspective.
  2. Hike the Wichita mountains.
  3. Visit the Arbuckle Wilderness with the kids.
  4. Go see a movie in the Warren Theater’s director suite. Yes, I’ve done this before, but not since becoming a mom. The movies were a big part of my twenties, so it is fitting this little treat makes the list.
  5. Have a spa day. Might have to schedule this for my actual birthday. Hint, hint if my hubby is reading this.
  6. Do a 5k with my double stroller. Finding my double stroller is a huge story in and of itself. Pushing it through a 5k will be the ultimate test to see if I picked the right one.
  7. Get back to my pre-baby weight. Because health and fitness deserve a place in my busy life.
  8. Do 30 real, full push-ups.
  9. See a musical or play at a local theater or nearby college.
  10. Go dancing with my husband. Haven’t done this since we were dating!
  11. Form a Trust. The most responsible challenge on this list.
  12. Do a traveling dinner with my girlfriends. Do this by having appetizers at one restaurant, the main course at another, and dessert at your final destination.
  13. Visit Science Museum Oklahoma with my boys. Have not visited the museum in over ten years! As I’ve read and heard, it’s changed a lot and definitely worth visiting often.
  14. Successfully reach the next level in my business. It can’t all be fun and games. I’ll need to fund these adventures somehow.
  15. Memorize Romans 12. This passage in the Bible teaches about how to live, love and relate to all types of people.
  16. Clean out/streamline my closet and sell/donate/get rid of everything I no longer wear. Start the new decade off with a fresh closet, perhaps with some help from OKC’s new Container Store.
  17. Go on a weekend getaway somewhere in Oklahoma. So many options! I’ll definitely be using the OKC Moms Blog website as my source for ideas here.
  18. Learn to French Braid my own hair. Been trying since junior high.
  19. Date night with the hubby to a new restaurant downtown. We are so out of the loop on where the newest, coolest places are. Comment below with your suggestions on where we should go.
  20. Create a Vision Board. 
  21. Walk along the Oklahoma River and visit Wheeler Park. Time to get out and enjoy the beautiful city I live in!
  22. Do a behind the scenes tour at the Oklahoma City Zoo. They have several different animal encounters to tour behind the scenes, including the Grizzly Bears, Sea Lions and the Elephants.
  23. Visit an orchard or farm.
  24. Give a talk or teach a class. This was my brother’s idea. Outside of my comfort zone, which is the perfect reason it should be on this list.
  25. Go skydiving. Well, sort of. There is no way I will go actual skydiving, but I would love to experience what iFly has to offer.
  26. Do an ancestry/DNA test.
  27. Go to a murder mystery dinner theater.
  28. Learn to change my own oil and do basic car maintenance. My high school friends will attest to the fact that this is long overdue.
  29. Write a letter to myself to open when I turn 40. Hopefully, I don’t lose it!
  30. Have my portrait taken. Turning 30 means it is time for a new profile picture.

What would you add to this list? Anyone turning 30 soon and want to take on this 30 Before 30 challenge with me?


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