3 Valentine Outfits to Inspire You


unnamedI’ll admit it, I love “love”! I have grown to love Valentine’s Day over the years. The cheesiness in it, the reason behind it, and all the emotion it entails. If you are a Valentine scrooge, that’s fine, BUT … bottom line, we all love to be loved and to give love! I say, “Why not?” It’s not just about being in a relationship, it really isn’t. Why not show your favorite fitness instructor some love, or your sister, or your barista, or a teacher, or the people who help take care of your home or pets, or your counselor, or your pastor, or your child, or your best friend, or that one cashier that makes you smile at your favorite store, or the chef that makes amazing food at one of your favorite places to eat, or even your dog for being the best thing in your life. There are a lot of people you can show love to and truly embrace the whole concept of what Valentine’s Day is really about.

If you aren’t sold on buying into this wonderful day, you can at least look fabulous on Valentine’s Day! Here are 3 Valentine outfit ideas to inspire you to celebrate in a festive way. I’m a huge believer in the sayings, “Love Wins!” and “Style is whatever you want to do if you do it with confidence.” This year make it a point to love your style, or learn to develop a love for your style.

Valentine’s Day Look #1 – “No to the Dress!”

Mixing red, light pink, and black makes for a clean, polished, and festive Valentine outfit option.
Mixing red, light pink, and black makes for a clean, polished, and festive Valentine outfit option.

This is a great option and alternative to wearing a skirt or dress. Sometimes as a woman we just aren’t feeling the dress or skirt look, or we just aren’t that kind of girl. Mixing a nice blouse with polished heels and adding a pop of red makes for a great outfit that shows you are being festive. This option shows that you have girly side but you are still comfortable in a polished version of “jeans and t-shirt.” Switch out the heels for polished flats if you aren’t a heels gal. Switch the red skinnies to light pink or bright pink if red isn’t your thing.

Valentine’s Day Look #2 – “Yes to the Dress!”

Black, white/cream, and burgundy/maroon makes for a great alternative to wearing red or pink.

There’s nothing like putting on a dress that fits likes a glove, slipping on heels that go perfectly, looking in the mirror, and then seeing your reflection and getting those girly and glam feelings because you look and feel amazing! I’m personally not a “red” kind of girl, but I do like being festive for Valentine’s. What’s a girl to do? Mix burgundy or maroon with black and white, it’s a great alternative to wearing red or pink. You can switch out the cropped leather jacket for a black cropped blazer, or wear a black dress instead of white/cream dress, and add white/cream jewelry instead of black.

Valentine’s Day Look #3 “Yes and No!”

Casual, Comfy, and Festive! Add some girly accessories and you are set.

Let’s face it, some of us aren’t into Valentine’s, dresses, heels, blouses, etc. BUT … deep down you are willing to still say “Yes!” Here’s a fabulous option of being casual, comfortable, and a little festive by wearing a red sweater or sweatshirt and adding girly accessories. You can switch out the red sweatshirt/sweater for white/cream, and wear red chucks instead. If the boho floppy hat isn’t your thing, then wear a black, cream, or gray beanie. This option lets you say “Yes and No!” Yes, to going out and being somewhat festive and No, to all the fluff. It’s the best of both worlds.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you check the box “YES!” to one of these options and you make it your own. Remember, be the best version of yourself. Show us what you wore for Valentine’s and post it on Instagram and tag @okcmomsblog and use the #okcmbvalentines – We want to know what you wore!


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