We’re All Just Doing Our Best.


You’re a “working” mom. Career Woman. Mom Boss.
I’m a “stay at home” mom. Housewife. Soccer Mom.

You’d love just one day lounging around in your pajamas without having to take a shower.
I’m counting down the minutes until I can shower and have ten minutes alone.

You select some freshly laundered and pressed clothes from your closet.
I wonder if three days is too long to wear the same shirt.

You’re looking forward to the weekend to spend time with your family.
I’m dreading a lack of routine and having more bodies to clean up after.

You worry about leaving your children to go to work.
I worry how we’re going to raise children on one income.

You feel guilty for leaving your kids in the care of someone else.
I feel guilty for not making money to help with household expenses.

You worry you’re missing important milestones.
I worry I’m missing important promotions.

Your kids go to daycare or MDO, socializing with other children.
I worry if my kid will have trouble making friends.

You’ve learned to trust others with the care of your children.
I’m certain I will never have a night out again.

You have adult conversations in normal voices.
I’m watching cartoons because I can’t find the remote.

You’re praised for “having it all.”
I’m praised for “giving up career for family.”

You have two worlds of responsibilities, and you’re kicking butt at both of them.
I have just one and some days I can barely handle it.


working mom

You love your family and you’re doing your best.
I love my family and I’m doing my best.



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