21 Reasons to Celebrate Grandparents in 2021


In case you haven’t heard, Grandparents Day is coming up. Yes, this is an actual holiday (or day of observance, if that matters), and yes, there are cards in the card aisle for this very purpose. It falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day and is a day to celebrate all the greatness grandparents bring to our lives.

I no longer have grandparents of my own on this earth, but my kids are very fortunate to have incredible grandparents from both sides that take care of our kids (and us) in all the best ways. So, to all the grandparents out there who love on their grandkids every chance they get, are always willing to step in and be that safe place for our kids to land, or just shower our kids with all the grandparent goodness when they need it the most, this list is for them! Thank you for being you, and you mean the world to us!

This year, we celebrate grandparents because….

1. They say yes, always
2. They have all the good treats
3. They have unlimited patience
4. They make our kids the center of their world
5. They are retired, often, and have all the time to give
6. The stories…..all of the stories
7. They risked their health in a pandemic to hug their grandkids,
8. Or they were the first in line to get vaccinated so they could see them again
9. They make the best cookies
10. They are the keepers of family traditions
11. They make holidays and birthdays special
12. They really make an effort to adapt to our parenting styles, even if it’s not how they raised us
13. They are our kids’ best cheerleaders
14. Their grandkids can do no wrong
15. They are really trying with technology (hello Disney +)
16. Did I say they may holidays fun… matching outfits anyone?
17. They buy every light up, spinning, battery-operated toy, because our kids love them
18. They share memories of important family members, present and past
19. They are always right there when we need them, for all the big things and little things life throws our way
20. They are the foundation of our village
21. They make parenting easier and lighter and remind us what is important in life

There really is nothing like a grandparent’s attention and love to fill our kids’ world. I hope you have some equally amazing grandparent figures in your life that deserve celebrating on this day. So, buy (or make) that card, send them a message, and let them know how important they are to your family.


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