Must-Do Yoga Poses for Moms


Yoga will not make your baby take longer naps, you toddler go pee pee in the potty, or your teenager remember to put dirty clothes in the hamper, but yoga will help you find your center in tough parenting moments.

You don’t have to be a yogi to do yoga. You don’t have to wear the pants, drink the tea, or burn the incense. Yoga happens anytime you turn inward and become mindful of your breath, your life force, your spirit. Moms definitely can’t find time for a 90 minute hot yoga class three days a week. Sometimes we can’t even find the time for a 15 minute Yoga With Adrienne video. But, we must make time for ourselves and fill our cups! So, the next time you find yourself with one semi-quiet moment and you want to make the most of it, these two poses are your best bet.

Must-Do Yoga Poses for Moms

Baby Cobra

Lie face down. Allow your hips to relax (don’t squeeze your booty!); feel the tension release from your low back. Gently draw your palms to the mat underneath your shoulders, keeping elbows close to your body. Remember, the neck is an extension of the spine and should remain neutral – try setting your gaze at the edge of your mat. Press gently into the earth, allow your heart to float away from the floor. Hold for 1-2 deep breaths, then lower forehead to the earth. Repeat as desired.

Baby Cobra helps release tension in the upper back, neck, and shoulders common to mamas from nursing, cooking, doing dishes, folding laundry, using our phones, and general momming! Baby Cobra is gentle enough for newly postpartum mamas and the perfect afternoon stretch to get you through ’til bedtime. For an extra gentle stretch, place a rolled towel or blanket under your belly and imagine each exhale relaxing tension away.


Legs Up The Wall

Lie down on your back and let your legs rest completely against the wall. Rest hands gently on  your belly or extend arms out, palms facing the sky. Breathe. Starting at your toes, mindfully scan the body and release any tension. With each inhale, invite calm. With each exhale, release the stress of motherhood. Stay here as long as you can. This pose can easily be done while hiding in the bathroom.

Legs Up The Wall, a tired mama’s best friend

Legs Up The Wall is wonderful for inducing sleep, releasing tension in the back, relaxing the mind, and even aids digestion. Legs Up The Wall is gentle and accessible. I promise this one is worth it. For an extra deep hip stretch, bring the soles of your feet against the wall. For a gentle twist, allow the legs to fall to each side for a few breaths.

Try these poses today and let me know how you enjoyed them, or share your go-to yoga pose in the comments!


  1. I enjoyed this article so much. I have tried the Legs Up the Wall in the past and it feels great! Might I also add that it helps reduce swelling in the ankles? Sometimes Mamas just have to come to a full stop and focus on themselves for a few minutes to find their center again.


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