A Mom’s Guilty Pleasures


moms guilty pleasures

Most moms that I know are self-sacrificing, hard working, and don’t get enough credit for being tough as nails. I’m far from the perfect mom. In fact, my kids tend to bathe more than me, I can have some major lazy days, and I love to toot my own horn to my husband. Even with all of those imperfections (and many more), I find it extremely beneficial for my sanity to indulge in a few guilty pleasures every now and again.

It was a 4 scoops of ice cream kind of morning....
It was a 4 scoops of ice cream kind of morning….

Dessert for lunch. As soon as the clock strikes 12 (nap time at our house), I tuck the little one into her crib and raid my kitchen for all things sweet. A bowl of ice-cream makes a great pick me up after a looooong morning of toddler tantrums and runny noses. By the way, I can eat whatever I want because I’m the mom.

Online shopping. I love to shop. For clothes, home decor, food, or gifts…. you name it, and I want to shop for it. However, the thought of taking my kids shopping by myself stresses me out. I’d much rather run a full marathon than brave the mall with my three girls in tow. Thank goodness for online shopping. At anytime and anywhere, I can hop on my phone and buy anything. Need new socks? Okay! How about a fancy smelling candle? Okay! How about new shoes? Okay!

PBS Kids. Now, this one is a win-win in our household. My kids love Odd Squad just as much as I love the 30 minutes of quiet that happens while it’s on. I’m not ashamed to admit that we’ve been known to watch more than one episode at a time too. Some days it is just needed!

Play dates. While I’d like to say that I schedule play dates for my kids to have some wonderful interaction with others and expand their creativity, that’d be a lie. Playdates are totally about me getting to see my friends. I won’t deny it. My kids do reap the benefits of a play dates, so maybe I can count this one as another win-win? Unfortunately playdates have become few and far between since school is in session.

The kids might be yelling at me on the other side of the bathroom door, but at least they are on the OTHER SIDE of the door.

Locking the bathroom door. Please tell me that I’m not the only one that locks the bathroom door to pee in “privacy?” Or takes a “few” extra minutes longer than it should once daddy gets home from work?

Grown up television. Some days I’ve had enough of the laundry and house cleaning to give up all productivity for an hour or two so that I can watch a show that doesn’t involve cartoons or mermaids. I’m a big fan of the Real Housewives and love to pretend that I’m just one of the girls until I realize that schools over and I’m supposed to pick up my kids from school… not our chauffeur.

Before kids, my list of guilty pleasures looked a whole lot different! What would you add to your list of guilty pleasures now that you’re a mom?


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