Pregnancy Makes You Do Crazy Things


Pregnancy Tests

I came across this article the other day and laughed because it really hit home with me–it was a relief to know I wasn’t the only one who did crazy things after becoming pregnant.

I thought I would share with you which of the bizarre things listed in that post I started doing after getting my BFP, as well as a few others–hopefully some of you can relate!

  1. I continued to take pregnancy tests. No, I’m not talking about finishing up the multi-pack of pregnancy tests I had under the sink, I’m talking about taking at least 20 tests over a three week span! I would likely still be taking daily tests if it wasn’t for the fact that the lines actually start to get lighter over time instead of getting darker as you would expect (yes, I’m speaking from experience–that realization caused a major meltdown, as you can imagine) and also?  I can feel the baby move now so I don’t need a test to confirm that she is in there.
  2. I willingly got stabbed with a needle. The day I got that positive test, I called the doctor so I could go in for a blood test to confirm. They told me it wasn’t necessary since I had already gotten 3 positive tests, but as you can imagine from above, I was insistent. As expected, the blood test confirmed what the tests had told me.
  3. I investigate my wipes. I will just leave that one right here and say that I still do this. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!
  4. I gave my husband homework. In fact, that’s how I told him I was pregnant! I handed him a book and told him to start reading! Periodically, I still find myself telling my husband he needs to research something.
  5. I spend way too much time on pregnancy apps and googling symptoms to make sure they are normal. On this same note, I’m now deathly scared of contracting the Zika virus! My husband actually discussed this with my doctor and she told me to stay away from the internet…clearly, I didn’t listen (shh!).
  6. I broke down in tears over skincare products. Here’s how it went down: my face was broken out (thanks hormones) so I dug in my cabinet and found an old face serum and applied it as directed; immediately had a moment of panic as I realized I didn’t know if the product was safe; spent the next 30 minutes googling what was in said serum (since it didn’t say on the bottle); spent another 15 minutes googling to see if those ingredients were safe; broke out in hysterical sobs when I realized it wasn’t safe; spent the next 5 minutes scrubbing washing the serum off my face.
  7. I bought a fetal heartbeat monitor and use it all the time. In fact, I still use it when I notice the baby hasn’t been very active for a few hours. Best $40 I ever spent!
  8. I constantly worry about having a miscarriage/stillbirth. I have no reason to be concerned about this, but it is a constant fear and I get such relief from hearing her little heartbeat, feeling her move, and seeing her on the ultrasounds.
  9. I started my journey to being a “crunchy” mom. I always swore I wouldn’t be crunchy and could not understand why someone would want to have an un-medicated birth, eat their placenta, or have a home birth and now I find myself gravitating towards the “crunchy” lifestyle–in fact, I have already boarded the placenta encapsulation train and am really leaning towards an un-medicated birth!
  10. I am very defensive and emotional. I was never an emotional person before pregnancy, but now I find myself crying over the smallest things! When my husband told me that the 3D ultrasound pictures made our baby look like Gollum, I started crying and told him “our baby is perfect”; when they showed me the corkscrew they use for internal monitoring and the forceps in Childbirth Class, my eyes filled with tears and I wrapped my arms around my belly in an attempt to protect my baby; and when my husband spilled my cup of Sprite (the last drop of Sprite in our house, might I add), you would have thought this had just happened based on my reaction:



My husband has now nicknamed me Monica…I guess I can see the resemblance.

What crazy things did you find yourself doing when you were pregnant?



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