10 Ways to Add a Buck to Your Budget!


If “staying home” is the new “going out”, why not make it work for your wallet? Being home gives us more opportunities to organize, declutter, and save up – just in time for the holidays. Below are a few of my personal tips for creating some extra cash…ASAP!

  1. Sell Your Clothes
    Go through your closet and collect the clothes, shoes, and purses you no longer use. Swap them for cash on the spot at places like Daisy Exchange, Plato’s Closet, and Uptown Cheapskate, all of which have multiple locations around the metro. To get the most money, make sure the items you sell are clean, in good condition, and on-trend.
  2. Sell Your Kids’ Clothes, Toys, and Equipment
    Our kids outgrow everything. And believe it or not, there’s a lot of money to be made when it comes to their clothes, shoes, and bedding. Now is a great time to bag up and sell these items. But don’t stop at clothes! Remember to gather their books, videos, highchairs, strollers, and bouncy seats, then head to Once Upon A Child. They will give you cash on the spot or store credit.
  3. Sell Your Books, Records, and DVDs
    Have a bunch of books and movies lying around? Head on over to Half Price Books and turn them in for some extra cash. You can stop in from noon to 5:00 p.m. with up to 70 items (beyond that, you’ll need to set an appointment). Payment depends on supply and demand, as well as the condition of the item.
  4. Sell Household Items on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist
    Challenge yourself to find 10 things around your house that you could post for $10 each, making a quick $100. Keep it going and post 20 items for $20 each, then use that $400 for Christmas presents this year. From pots and pans to wall art collecting dust in the garage, you never know what people are looking to buy. Posting is easy, and you can choose where to meet for the sale.
    BONUS TIP: Choosing a public place like a local gas station is always a good idea.
  5. Turn Your Hobby Into a Money-Maker
    Good at calligraphy? Start making rustic signs. Play the guitar? Start teaching lessons. Excel at math? Become a tutor. Lovemaking jewelry or restoring old furniture? Start using your creative talents for a profit. It’s okay to start with a small goal, such as selling one item or teaching one client a week, then building from there. Even an extra $50 a month can boost your budget. Go ahead…tap into your creative potential and make some extra money doing it.
  6. Have a Garage Sale
    This might be the least glamorous idea of all, but it could be the most profitable. Even a one-day sale could easily yield a couple of hundred dollars.
    BONUS TIP: Do this on a “big trash” weekend, so you can leave the items you don’t want on the curb for the city to pick up the following week.
  7. Sell Your Electronics
    Have old phones you don’t know what to do with? What about old gaming equipment? You can turn these electronics in for cash at CDR Electronics, which has a few metro locations. If you aren’t well-versed in resetting your phone, the employees are trained to handle this process. Like Half Price Books, CDR Electronics also buys DVDs, so feel free to bring those here as well.
  8. Meal Plan
    …and stick to it. You can save a LOT of money by eating at home. Challenge yourself to cook what you have, and reserve a pizza night or meal out for the weekends.
  9. Shop for Better Insurance Rates
    You could be getting a better deal, so shop around again. I did that this year with my auto insurance and nearly cut my payment in half each month. Cutting a line item down significantly can revolutionize your budget.
  10. Be a Quitter
    Giving up or cutting back on a habit or vice WILL make a difference in your daily budget. Smoking is expensive, and so is that daily trip to Starbucks. Even cutting soda out of your diet can help you spend less throughout the year (I know this to be true because I personally implemented that change in 2020). Our daily spending really accumulates, so it can work FOR us rather than against us when we change our habits.

Remember, times are tough, but we are tougher. I hope at least one of these tips inspired you to make some extra money this week!



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