10 Signs You Might Be A Crazy Black Friday Shopper


It’s coming … are you ready? The day after Thanksgiving, or better known as Black Friday. Did you know the day’s name originated in Philadelphia where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic that would occur? Black Friday is popular as a shopping day for a combination of reasons. As the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas, it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season.

That is the Wikipedia definition, but my definition for Black Friday is simple: the day after Thanksgiving for the crazies go-getters who like a good deal and want to be out and about with like minded people who drink coffee together at an obscene hour while wearing half pajamas and half real clothes!

You know who you are, and we all know who you are! Let’s humorously look at the 10 evident signs you might be a crazy Black Friday shopper.

This is what a Black Friday person who isn't "crazy" looks like. Pretty sure we all know this person!
This is what a Black Friday shopper wears- half pajamas, half regular clothes!

10. You have an actual group of besties that you do this with, and you’re going on 10 years strong of this tradition! We see you coming in your group with your matching pull overs and matching red Starbucks cups. You have an official hashtag for Instagram. You have fully charged phones in order to communicate when you spot an item that all of you need to buy. You have secret words to talk bad about people so they don’t get in your “area” or get your “stuff” that has your name clearly written on it and can only be seen by you and only you.

9. You have a Black Friday game face and aren’t afraid to show it to friends, strangers, or family members, especially when they say, “Really? That’s crazy! What’s the big deal about Black Friday? I’d rather sleep!”

Black Friday Game Face
The “You didn’t just say that did you?” Black Friday face.

8. You act as if you are in the V.I.P. backstage concert line to meet Justin Timberlake when the line moves an inch, when really you are waiting in line for a deal on some wrapping paper at Target. You and your fellow line goers smile and cheer and high five when the line moves, and it’s for wrapping paper! (That’s not crazy at all! keep telling yourself that.)

7. You have looked up and saved the locations of the closest Starbucks to the stores you’re hitting in order to make sure you are fueled. You not only saved the location info, but you’ve also saved the phone number so that you can call in your drink order, all so that you don’t have to wait in that dreadful car line and waste precious shopping time.

6. You definitely have had a little fight with someone over an item that you know was clearly for you and you were PROUD of it and even did a little victory dance and put it on social media. You even made eye contact with someone afterwards to make sure someone had your back, and you both head-nodded at each other in approval.

5. You are that person who starts the conversation in the long line to everyone around you about how you just don’t understand why all the registers aren’t open and it’s crazy that there isn’t enough workers. (Maybe it’s because of the massive crowds and not the workers?) You then become “stand-in-line” friends with these same people and start bonding, and you even take a selfie with them. (forehead smack)

4. You have a system of how you “guard” items. You have mastered keeping one leg on something while holding three things under your arm and pushing a basket with the other. You are very proud of this skill and make sure that people know…and you try to one up yourself every year.

3. You stand in the middle of the aisle or in the most inconvenient spot in the store and get in the way of other people, because you are going down your list of family members of who you are actually going to buy for. To others, it seems as if you have a life or death list going, but really you are just narrowing down who you really want to buy for.

2. You know all the deals ahead of time. You have downloaded the best app to use and made notes in your phone of where you need to go and what their competitor prices are. You have collected data, strategically figured out a schedule for driving, eating, shopping, bathroom breaks, etc.

It's all about strategy. Taking time to get it right, that's what a true Black Friday shopper does!
It’s all about strategy. Taking time to get it right, that’s what a true Black Friday shopper does!

1. You keep looking at the clock during Thanksgiving dinner because you’re calculating the minutes until you need to be in line at {fill in the blank}. In between all of that, you have been checking your phone apps for the new deals, given your “game face” to about 20 people in less than a hour, made sure to nap in order to get your second wind, eaten protein and energy fueled foods, had someone fill your tank with gas, decided which boots you will throw on to be comfy all day, and taken a pre-shopping selfie and posted it with #HereIComeBlackFriday

Black Friday Crazy Shoppers, we love you and hope you got a good laugh. Please be kind, please keep your crazy to a tolerable level, and most of all make sure to thank all the workers who are there for you to get your shopping in. You know what would really be extra crazy? Hug them and say Thank You, and maybe even bring them a Starbucks. Have fun, be safe, get some good shopping in but most of all, be kind! It’s is right after Thanksgiving after all…

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